At RPN Motorsports, we offer a variety of engines to fit the class you choose to run in.
Below are the engines we build. Each engine is meticulously built to deliver optimum performance.
Note: Please be sure to tell us what class you are running, so we can tune your engine correctly.

  Honda 120
Built for: Red Rookie, Blue Rookie, JR Honda and SR Honda

This engine is the mainstay of QM racing and is configured for the class you choose to run.

Honda 160
Built for: LT 160 and Hvy 160

Designed to provide more speed for a more experienced racer, this engine is very reliable,
fast and easy to maintain.

  Briggs Animal
Built for: JR. Animal and Sr. Animal

A purpose built racing engine designed by Briggs to meet the demands of a growing racer.
This engine offers more power and torque, giving your driver more racecar feel.
  World Formula
Built for: Lt World Formula and Hvy World Formula

A pure racing engine, giving the driver a true feel of power to use to learn throttle control.

Modifed World Formula
Built for: NEW Modifed World Class

A pure racing engine, this is the ultimate in power and speed. New in 2016, this class is offered
for a very experienced driver.